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We're on a mission to bridge the gap between trusted organizations working to save our planet and those who care about our world and want action now. Milkywire enables you as a partner to engage your employees and your end-users.

Employee engagement

Milkywire's employee engagement program allows you as a partner to engage your employees in the effort to save our planet. You provide us with a list of employees and a monthly amount that each employee may spend on the Milkywire platform. Each employee can distribute the money to whatever cause or organization they want to support, giving them the possibility to contribute to the issues they care about.

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Customer activation

Milkywire's integration solutions enable you as a partner to make donations to Milkywire on behalf of your end-users. This solution allows users to round up a purchase, donating that amount through Milkywire to grass root organisations, or donate a percentage of a purchase value in the customer's name to create goodwill and make a change.

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Corporate donations

Milkywire offers multiple ways for making corporate donations. Either choose to make a larger one time donation by reaching out to our partnerships team or integrate your platform with ours to automate the process.

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