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Visual guidelines

The guidelines on this page are designed to give you the tools you need to visually express the Milkywire brand in a consistent and coherent way. More specifically, you’ll find an outline on how to work with the logotype and images in different instances, and how not to.

Guidelines for using the logotype and wordmark on static (Documents, Send-outs, Gift-cards, Website etc.) and moving content (Video, Gifs, Reels etc.).

Logo versions

The Milkywire logotype is a combination of a symbol and wordmark. It’s always used in black or white.

Black version

black mw logo

White version

white mw logo

When placing the Milkywire logotype together with your logo we separate them with a straight vertical line to assure height and balance. Make sure to optically balance the logos.

x mw


The Milkywire logotype is most powerful when surrounded by an area of clearspace. This guarantees a high degree of visibility and legibility,



The Milkywire logo is the symbol of our brand for people to recognize. So we kindly ask you to not temper with the logo in any way.


  • Change the spacing between the icon and the word “Milkywire"
  • Use colors other than specified in this document
  • Choose a different typeface for the “Milkywire” wordmark
  • Add visual effects like a drop shadow
  • Change or replace the word “Milkywire" in any way
  • Change the shape of the Logo

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