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Getting started with Milkywire

About Milkywire

We are on a mission to bridge the gap between trusted organizations working to save our planet and those who care about our world and want action now. Milkywire enables you as a partner to engage your employees and your end-users.

Corporate donations

Milkywire offers multiple ways for making corporate donations. Either choose to make a larger one time donation by reaching out to our partnership team or integrate your platform with ours to automate the process.

For more information see Activate your customers.

The Impact Portal

Before you can get started you need to have a login to our Impact Portal. If you don't have one yet please contact us here and we will set one up for you.

For more information see The Impact Portal.

Activate your customers

Milkywire's integration solutions enable you as a partner to let your end-users donate to Milkywire. This solution allows end-users to top-up a purchase, donating that amount through Milkywire to the initiatives we support.

Get inspired by some cases and see how you can Activate your customers.

Showcase your impact

Once you've set up your integration you can start to showcase your impact to your end-users. You can find examples and inspirational cases, what and how to communicate your sustainability efforts to your customers.

For more information see Showcase your impact.