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Map widget

The organizations map is a tool for you to visualize where your donations make an impact. It's an interactive tool in which your users and customers can explore and learn more about the organizations.

We recommend you to add the map widget to pages where you expect your users to be interested in learning more and where they spend a bit more time.

Map widget

The widget builder

The map widget can be customized to match your own company profile by changing colors and the map layout.


You need to click the Create button in order to see the tags at the bottom.

Set up

First set up your map widget:

  • Name your map widget
  • Choose the donation program you which to link to the widget

Map widget builder set up

Customize it

In this section you are able to customize your widget with your colors of choise. You can also pick the style of the map. For now you can pick from rounded or square dots.

Map widget builder


Lastly you can find your script tag and map tag at the bottom of the page. Copy these two and paste them where you want to widget to be displayed.

Map widget builder tags


The script tag should be placed within the <head> tag of the page you want the widget to be displayed and then place the map tag where you want to widget to be rendered on the page.